Welcome to
Haile Jewelry & Loans

Welcome to
Haile Jewelry & Loans

Haile Jewelry and Loans is NOT your typical Pawn Shop. In fact, most of our customers say we resemble a high-end jewelry store or a trendy boutique. Haile Jewelry and Loans is safe, clean, refreshing and always a friendly place to do business. Selling your items to a business can often be a very intimidating process. At Haile Jewelry and Loans, our main goal is to eliminate any of the embarrassment and fears that may surface during the confidential process of selling your treasured valuables and make the experience so easy and stress free that you’ll become a life-long customer.

At Haile Jewelry and Loans, we BUY, SELL and offer CASH LOANS on your valuable items. We offer a Certified Watchmaker with over 25 years experience that can service your Fine Watch like Breitling, Cartier, Rolex, Tag Heuer and many other brands with the guaranteed quickest turnaround times.

Haile Jewelry and Loans is Gainesville’s friendliest and only upscale “Pawn Boutique”

Not Your Average Pawn Shop

If you have been searching for an alternative to overpriced shopping malls and department stores
but aren’t comfortable buying at a pawn shop, Haile Jewelry and Loans is the perfect choice for
your “retail therapy” session. We have created a pleasurable and luxurious shopping experience
with YOU in mind. From our authentic and beautiful, designer handbags to our unique,
sparkling jewelry, we know you will find something to catch your eye and delight you. We are,
after all; Gainsville’s friendliest and only upscale,“Pawn Boutique.”

Check out the 360 view of our shop on this page! Hold the mouse down to look left and right.
Click twice when pointed to the back wall of the store and it will let you see more. Be sure to
enlarge it so you can get a glimpse of how different we are…then walk away from the computer.
Grab your wallet/ purse and car keys and come on down. You really need to see our store in
person to appreciate what we have for you.

Looking to Buy?

Get ready to be impressed! Our selection rivals those of upscale jewelry and fine watch stores
but at way better prices. Yes, we do seek a profit but at a cost that is more reasonable and in line
with your budget. We do this without sacrificing quality because our costs to operate and acquire
are not as high as those jewelry stores in the mall. And, of course, every new jewelry purchase
needs a new accessory to go with it, and our store has a large selection of designer handbags.

We are passionate when it comes to the finer things in life. Jewelry, Designer Bags, and Fine
watches are just a few of our favorite things. We have studied them extensively and are happy to
educate anyone who wants to know more. Our authentication process is very thorough and for
the benefit of all parties involved. When we say we have designer handbags, be assured we have
checked every seam and serial number. These are not cheap knock-offs of well-known brands;
these are only high-quality name brands offered at reduced pricing over department stores.
Before you choose to settle on a counterfeit bag, why not just get a great deal on the real thing?

When It Comes To Gift Giving

People looking to buy are either buying for themselves or looking for a gift. When looking for
yourself, it is relatively easy. People are typically attracted to a particular style or material; they
usually know what they like and then it becomes all about the budget.

It is when shopping for a gift that shopping becomes a bit more challenging. Let us know if you
are unsure. We can take your budget and work backward, and we can ask you all the right
questions to help you narrow it down a bit. We are happy to assist you in selecting that perfect,
sparkling, jeweled necklace, Coach handbag or Breitling watch that will make any recipient

Brands We Often Carry


Louis Vuitton



Tory Burch


Michael Kors


Tiffany & Co


David Yurman

Roberto Coin

Yancleef & Arpels

Gucci and Chanel






Audemars Piguet


Looking to Sell?

We understand that selling your items is never an easy process and many find it to be
intimidating and even embarrassing. However, when you choose our team, you will immediately
see what makes us different. From our bright, clean and stylish showroom to our incredible and
knowledgeable staff; see for yourself why people stop in and become lifelong customers.

We strive to offer you better pricing than you will find anywhere else. We are also aware that if
you are putting your treasures up for sale, it is an emotional experience. The last thing you need
is a typical pawn shop experience where you spend lots of time haggling back and forth; only to
ultimately end up with a tiny fraction of what the item is worth. Yes, we are a business that is
looking to make a profit. However, there is also a difference between a fair price offered for your
item and practically being forced (due to circumstances and less scrupulous Pawn Shop
practices) to give a good quality item away.

If you feel your item is not a showroom piece, either due to quality or category, do not despair.
We have other avenues we utilize to sell merchandise, so we encourage you to bring it in and
speak with us. We sell online using platforms such as eBay and Etsy.

What Goes into Deciding a “Fair” Price

There is a vast difference between emotional value and market value. We base our fair, “no-
haggle” price off of a percentage of what we believe the market value is for the item you wish to
sell. We determine the item’s value using all our experience, knowledge of the market, overall
quality & condition of the item in question and we factor in things that we will need to do to
make it marketable. We are transparent and willing to share this information with you because
we believe an educated buyer or seller is a happier one and this further builds trust with our

Maybe You Would Rather Have a Loan?

There are times when you are in a tight situation, and if you just had a little more time,
everything would work out. Maybe an unexpected expense or emergency has put you in a bind.
Rather than part with that family heirloom or treasured item forever, we can explain to you all
the details of a collateral loan so that you can make the best, most informed decision for your
situation and we can handle loans that exceed a thousand dollars.

We have options for you; please look at our Loans Section of this website for more information.

Need Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry or Watch Repaired?

We always do our best to offer more services than larger jewelry stores can, giving our city

everything that they need in a store without costing them more. By choosing us, you can have

access to more jewelry services under one roof, making us the ideal choice for any need or

budget. Come in today and have the best deals possible on more services, including:

  • Estate Jewelry Buyer
  • Diamond Buyer
  • Diamond Broker
  • Gold Dealer
  • Designer Handbag Buyer
  • Jewelry Designer Services
  • Watch Repair Service
  • Jewelry Appraiser
  • Jewelry Repair Service
  • Ring Sizing/Resizing
  • Stone and Diamond Setting
  • Engraving
  • Restringing
  • And more

Whether you purchased your piece from us or anyone else, we can still offer the better repair

services over anyone else in the area. Fast, friendly, and affordable, we can always help you look

great. Please check our section on Jewelry Repair & Design.

We offer everything that we do with a friendlier, more experienced staff because we want to

continue being the best choice in Gainesville for your shopping and cash loan needs. At Haile

Jewelry and Loans, we strive to make each shopper feel like family.